Terms Of Communication Or Social Style

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1. In terms of communication or social style, how would you describe buyer and seller? Why? What clues did you notice to support your classification? Did the salesperson’s presentation take account of the bank president’s social style? Why/why not?

We want to describe the buyer as having a directive social style. This is because of the way he want to get to the point and not waste time on small talk, he seems to be in a hurry which is typical for a directive and he also seems very business like and impersonal. His desk is placed so contact is across the desk rather than beside the desk which also supports our theory that he is directive. Furthermore, you can also tell that he is directive because of the achievements he has on his walls which is diploma, a picture of the new bank etc.

You could tell that the seller is expressive due to his way to support informality when he greets the buyer by first name, also he seems very extroverted and he talk about other people which also is a clue that his social style is expressive. He focuses more on making sound appealing rather than getting to the point what he actually offers.

The seller didn’t account of the buyers social style because he didn’t pay attention that he was in a hurry and wanted to get to the point and shouldn’t have small talked that much. If he would have listened more and asked more specific questions about the buyers need instead of informal questions such as “do you play golf?”. He should have…
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