Terms Of Communication Or Social Style

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Questions 1. In terms of communication or social style, how would you describe buyer and seller? Why? What clues did you notice to support your classification? Did the salesperson’s presentation take account of the bank president’s social style? Why/why not? We want to describe the buyer as having a directive social style. This is because of the way he want to get to the point and not waste time on small talk, he seems to be in a hurry which is typical for a directive and he also seems very business like and impersonal. His desk is placed so contact is across the desk rather than beside the desk which also supports our theory that he is directive. Furthermore, you can also tell that he is directive because of the achievements he has on…show more content…
2. Critique the approach. What type of approach was used? What approach would you choose based on the Bank President’s social style The only approach the buyer uses is the referral approach which might not be suitable for the Bank President’s social style. He spent too much time on rapport as well considering the directive style, although you still should build rapport, they may appreciate more business topics for small talk. Also he didn’t introduce himself properly and stated his purpose according to the introduction approach. He should have been more businesslike in his approach and more to the point by stating the benefits and said how he could help the buyer, direct and to the point with facts. He could have used a combination approach of introduction and offering a benefit, as the directive wants to know why he should use the service in a clear and direct manner. The seller could have use the qualifying approach and state that he don’t want to waste any of the buyers time and go straight to the point. 3. What needs does the bank president have. Did the salesperson appear to have a FAB plan? Did he present FAB’s to the Bank President’s needs? Create a FAB plan suitable for a presentation to the Bank president. The bank president has a need of more skilled bank tellers to increase his market share and to be more marketing-oriented. The salesperson present very wauge FAB-plan that wasn’t very clear and specific
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