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Changing Landscape of Health Care By: Victoria Mihalich

One shift that is taking over healthcare is financial risks. This can be anything from payers to groups of individuals, who now have to pay a greater share of healthcare costs. This shift can encourage the individuals to more willingly navigate the healthcare systems and get the greatest value out of their spending. However, there are some consumers that have an unaccustomed policy and the ill-equipped to manage the risk will not be liked, due to the change. I believe the healthcare organizations should re-evaluate themselves around other greater transparency and communicate the values of their products and their services in that manner that defines their comparison of
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I personally do not blame them either, I am lucky enough to be on my stepdads insurance until I am 26, when I had my daughter at the age or 23 the dropped me because they did not want to pay for the labor. I have Medicaid and it pays for everything when it comes to healthcare. A few ways in which healthcare is trying to fix all these challenges is by having Obama care for one. Yes it is a good thing to have but it is also not worth paying a minimum of two hundred plus dollars a month, so then it would be cheaper to pay the five hundred dollar fine for the year. Medicaid helps to which it covers over one hundred percent of all healthcare, but the only downfall is you pretty much have to be disabled, no job, no income, a parent, and single to get it. For example my grandma had a stroke last year and her health insurance dropped her so we got her on Medicaid and in order for them to even consider to pay for anything we had to sell her house, and the money that was left over from the house loan was paid directly to Medicaid. Another way healthcare can cut back on costs is to really evaluate the cost of living. For example determine the extreme level of the patient’s mental stability, like what can they make decisions on, how much can they do for themselves, how dependent are they. Reevaluate the cost of staff. For example, how experienced are they, how many days a year do they work, do they take the extra mile, do they go above

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