Terracog Case Analysis

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TerraCog Case Analysis
Part 1 Analysis
The situation of dysfunction during meetings in TerraCog is obvious. Both the participants and the facilitator don’t play professional in the meetings and they don’t have necessary communication with others before the meeting. All these poor performances make all meetings which are described in the case study has very low efficiency and cause so much negative emotion amount team members.
Primary and secondary tensions
Primary tension comes from the unfamiliarity with task or the other group members; one conversation on page 4 of the case study shows how it happens. We see this conversation between Cory Wu and Alice Gorga. C: those cost estimates are surprisingly high…It doesn’t seem justified
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But we can see he did nothing. The right thing he should do is to consider who needs to be involved and consider what their perspectives are. The list of participants can’t changes, but we see from the second pre-launch meeting a person who suppose to attend the meeting was absent and the CFO just walk into the meeting because of his own will.
Emma Richardson, as the facilitator, he didn’t do his work well during the meetings. He start the first pre-launch meeting with asking Barren to give a cost estimate report; and during the second pre-launch meeting he fail to hold the team focus on the discussion.
In this situation what she supposes to do is to declare the purpose and agenda at the beginning of the meeting, and keep redirecting everyone back to the problem they need to discuss.
Impact of tension
Amount all these poor performances, there’s one thing could really negatively impact the company. We see TerraCog had spent so many resources for this project, thus the failure of this project will cause large damage to the company. And the fact is, this project, doesn’t goes well at this point.
All these meeting participants know this situation, but none of them really bring this issue on top of the table. We have reason to believe that this live or dead issue already becomes a burden deep within each manager’s mind, and it gives high pressure to everyone. This high pressure can be the root that they’re so

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