Terrifying Events in the Ocean in Steven Spielberg's Classic Film, Jaws

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Clenching teeth, defined facial bone structure and fine dentistry; the title of Steven Spielberg’s classic film Jaws paints quite a mental picture for its viewers with many possibilities. Along with the title, the original film poster used to promote Jaws was visually colorful and terrifying all at the same time. The poster indicates an oversized great white shark lurking in the dark depths of the sea, looking up towards the surface at a swimmer. Waiting and watching, the imagery of the poster gives the viewer the feeling that the shark is waiting for just the right moment to attack with its powerful bone-crushing jaws. What makes this film so interesting and captivating is that for over half of Spielberg’s film the protagonist, the shark, is nowhere to be seen. The way Steven Spielberg incorporates and mixes powerful and suspenseful music with his brilliant editing of the film, as well as the composition, allows viewers to believe there is an actual shark, even though the shark is out of sight. Steven Spielberg’s film Jaws was influenced and inspired by the fictional novel Jaws written by Peter Benchley. With a few changes to better the cinematography, the film portrayed the novel and followed its outline very closely. Jaws the film had become America’s very first blockbuster hit (Quarterly). Not only had it became such a success, but it had also instilled fear into the lives of many of its viewers. Benchley has stated that Spielberg "had tapped a profound, subconscious,

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