Terrigal-Coastal Management

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Part 1 The geographical processes that are occurring at the Terrigal beach area are: * Erosion, which is effecting: * The Skillion, mainly the headland and rock platform, which is part of a preserved area of land known as “the Haven” which also contains the rugby oval. The man type of erosion that affects this is from the sea. * The sand dunes on the beaches. This area is affected by wind erosion as well as the tides if adequate vegetative cover is not present. The main type of erosion, from the sea, takes the sand from the sand dunes as well as the rest of the beach in a rip. The sand is then pulled out to sea where it forms a sand bar. On calmer days, the sand is brought back to the beach. * Storm damage can affect coastal…show more content…
* Continued stabilization of the frontal dune through various methods for the past fifteen years. * The efforts of “Wamberal -Terrigal Beach Protection Group” have been mostly successful. Although a small part of the front dune that was covered in spinifex grass has been lost, the erosion at Wamberal would have been significantly worse. * “Terrigal Lagoon Bushcare” * What the group has been doing to help and promote sustainability in the Terrigal beach area: * The group is mostly focused on maintaining the vegetation of the various lagoons in the Terrigal area. As a result, most of their actions relate to the maintenance of the lagoons. The kind of things they do include: * Restoring lagoon-side bush * Removing weeds and non-native plants * Planting suitable trees, shrub, grass, etc. * The efforts of “Terrigal Lagoon Bushcare” have been largely successful in keeping the lagoons around Terrigal ecosystems. Their actions have helped the native plants compete with the introduced species. * What individuals have been doing to help and promote sustainability: * Stopped building on dangerous areas, usually sand dunes. * Started various community groups in order to help maintain and protect various aspects of Terrigal and encouraging others to join. * Insuring all property owned if living in an area of risk *
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