Terror of the 21st Century: Terrorism

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Terror of the 21st century Terrorism happens every day in modern life and we are oblivious to it. Day cares have children bullying others. Beating up families to prove to their rivals they mean business is just one of the100 plus definitions of terrorism. There are many types of terrorism and each one is different butone thing is certain, terrorism is a threat to global society. Terror comes from a Latin term,terrere meaning "to frighten" and this was use was used by the Romans to describe the "terror" of the barbarian tribes in 105 B.C, from then on people have been using terrorism as a use to gaintheir true goals at the expense of the general public or their victims. Terrorism should beinternationally agreed as a crime regardless if it…show more content…
Many would say that they support thecause that stands for the people and the ethical viewpoint and that regardless if the loss of life iscreated that it is nonetheless, justifiable by the fact of the extermination or discrimination of their peoples in their homelands. One could say that they are being forced into a new, modern, andwestern world, forcing them to choose their ethical cultures or to denounce their ethnicity andaccept the technological advances along with their ability to compete with the global market atthe expense of their identity. Because of these recent choices, the Tamil Tigers turned their headquarters into a siege castle and withstood attacks for a good measure of time before,surrendering despite the Denial of their autonomy in Sri Lanka. The non-political terrorist have both religious and cultural proofs to their cause but it still never justifies the killing of innocent people and others in a way to frighten them into submission the same way political terrorist have proven time after time.Political terrorists usually commit terrorist acts for a political goal usually to benefit their
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