Terrorism : An Ancient Method Of Defeating An Opponent

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Terrorism History Terrorism is an ancient method of defeating an opponent. Accounts of terrorism existed eons prior to the word itself being conceived. This was established by detailed relics discovered nearly fifty miles south of Mosul in Iraq. Assurnasirpal, the king of Assyria from 884–860 BCE, enforced his law on captured regions by raising stone tributes to his successful conquests. Roux (1966) describes that written on these monuments in cuneiform, is the following: “I built a pillar over against his city gate and I flayed all the chiefs who had revolted, and I covered the pillar with their skin. Some I walled up within the pillar, some I impaled upon the pillar on stakes… Many captives from among them I burned with fire, and many I took as living captives. From some I cut off their noses, their ears and their fingers, of many I put out the eyes. I made one pillar of the living and another of heads.” Assurnasirpal’s use of terror is particularly evident. Numerous authors in ancient times supported tyrannicide, or the killing of tyrants, as a means to develop a model culture and to satisfy the gods. Regicide, or the killing of kings, occurred quite regularly throughout the Roman age. The most notable political tragedy in ancient Rome was conceivably the killing of Julius Caesar in 44 BCE. Other Roman rulers also encountered violent deaths, most notably were Caligula and Galba. In approximately 9 CE, Germanic warriors led guerrilla assaults against
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