Terrorism And Its Effects On The Arab War

2472 Words Nov 13th, 2016 10 Pages
Ruth Servius
Florida International University

Terrorism in Syria has been quite horrific especially for the Syrian civilians to the extent to which one can refer to it as a melee. ISIS, the U.S., Russia and the Syrian government itself have committed atrocities against Syrian civilians. The Syrian Government which is not the sole offender in the Syrian war, however, did use chemical weapons in its capital of Aleppo against its own protesting civilians (Luther, 2016). In response of the use of chemical weapons being used the U.S. decided to intervene since they deemed it necessary to uphold moral standards. Despite the U.S. reasoning and intentions for entering Syria and training rebel forces to combat Assad the Syrian leader their plan ultimately fails once part of the U.S. backed Syrian Rebels joins with Al-Qaida affiliates in Iraq and forms ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) who decides attack another group in Syria called the Kurds and the same Rebel group that are still being backed the U.S.
While this is occurring, the U.S. starts its air striking campaign in Syria and began to train the Syria rebels to fight just ISIS instead of Assad’s forces. In response to the U.S. actions in Syria Russia who is Assad’s strongest ally begins its drone strikes in Syria claiming to fight ISIS but mainly has been targeting the U.S. backed Syrian Rebels who just so happen to be fighting Assad. All the forces mentioned…
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