Terrorism And Terrorist Organizations Across Different Continents

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The topic that our group decided to choose was terrorism because of the huge impact it has on the society we live in today. With the recent attacks in Paris, terrorism as a whole needs to be discussed. The specific section on terrorism that was given to me included different terrorist groups abroad. There are endless terrorist organization in numerous countries that would take hours to discuss all, but this will discuss the top four most known and deadliest terrorist organizations across different continents. What will be discussed is how the organization operates, the leadership, religious beliefs, and the goal of the organization. The first terrorist group which is infamously known across the world is Al-Qaeda. Created in 1988 under the…show more content…
Extreme growth and improvement after the attacks made the organization exploded in size over many countries, including Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria. But at the same time United States declared war against terrorism and deployed troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. The air assaults and ground troops slowly but surely reading territory from the terrorist organizations and tried to put the government back on their feet. United States and the allies donated billions of dollars to try to help rebuild the country supplying them with firearms, ammunition, and training. On paper this seemed to work perfectly, but in reality the ten year struggle solves almost nothing. The terrorists went into hiding and it took twelve years to find Osama bin Laden. Where did the United States find this exclusive terrorist leader? They found him at his house, a compound in Pakistan. Seal team six with approximately twenty highly skilled personnel infiltrated the compound and eliminated the leader of the most known terroristic group. After this huge hit to the leadership of the organization, the Al-Qaeda laid low. Instead of doing terrorist attacks, they funded and trained other organizations to commit the acts that they couldn 't do at the time. Since they owned thousands of oil rigs there was a consistent income for their twisted beliefs. The organization that Al-Qaeda turned to during their time of despair was the
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