Terrorism And The Iraqi Government

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Iraq is a nation that is in mass turmoil right now. Right now this country is under attack by a jihadist militant group known as ISIS. Despite numerous advantages over these terrorist ISIS has managed to take control over a significant amount of territory in Iraq. The root of Iraq’s problems is the strong Sunni-Shia sectarian divide that exists within the country. This sectarian divide is due to an Iraqi government that fails to fairly represent all of its people. Clearly the current troubled state of Iraq shows that the Iraqi government is deficient in providing national security and representative government to its people. The Iraqi government has failed to implement a government that equally represents both the Sunni and Shia Muslims in the country. A lot of the Iraqi government’s failures to have representative government has to do with the United States initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. Prior to the invasion there was not much of a sectarian divide, “Historically, sectarian and ethnic differences had not been politically mobilized. Cross-sectarian/cross-ethnic intermarriage existed in Iraq. The sectarian identity as a politically mobilizing force had been in decline in Iraq, particularly since the mid-twentieth century” (Yamao 2012, 29). After the invasion of Iraq, the United States replaced Saddam Hussein’s regime with the Coalition Provincial Authority. The CPA administration directed an election in 2005 to shape a parliament for Iraq and they allocated political

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