Terrorism And The Middle East And Muslims

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Terrorism has been around since the early to late 11th century and it is directly related to the Middle East and Muslims. The Hashshashin (roughly translated as the “Assassins”) arose as an offspring of the Isma 'ili sect of Shia Muslims. It was led by man named Hassan-i Sabbah and it opposed the Fatimid rule. The Hashshashin group then seized Alamut and other strongholds across Persia. At the time, Hashshashin forces were too small to go to war conventionally, so they assassinated city governors and military commanders in order to create alliances with powerful militaristic neighbors. For instance, they murdered Janah al-Dawla, ruler of Homs, to please Ridwan of Aleppo, and then assassinated Mawdud and Seljuk emir of Mosul, as a favor to…show more content…
Al-Qaeda in Yemen which is now called al-Qaeda (one is lower case “a” the other is capital “A”) in the Arabian Peninsula after merging with an al-Qaeda cell in Saudi Arabia and is currently already considered the most dangerous terrorist organization globally. The last several attempts to attack the U.S. were conducted by its members and by people who were inspired by its leaders. It is not well known that the U.S. has waged a decade long drone war in Yemen. Most automatically think of Afghanistan or Iraq when it comes to terrorism and Al-Qaeda. But why Yemen and how did it grow so fast? To answer that question we need to dig a little deeper and go back to pre- 9/11. After the 1998 African Embassy bombings in Kenya, a request was sent out all over the world by the U.S government, but particularly to Yemen that if Osama bin Laden showed up, they would like the Yemeni government 's full cooperation in arresting him and turning him over to U.S. The Yemenis made it very clear that if Osama bin Laden showed up they would turn him in as they wanted nothing to do with him. Sadly though the U.S pretty much stopped pursuing this as the higher
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