Terrorism And The Threat Of Terrorism

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Terrorism has continuously been an ongoing danger all over the world. Threats pertaining to international security seem to be loosely organized and self-financed groups or the extremist Islamist parties using religion as a pretext that pose threats to the U.S. and other allies. However, while most see terrorism as being international, domestic radicalism has become an ever increasing problem, specifically within the United States. Cross national links between specific terrorists groups are becoming greatly feared, due to the increasing growth in combat training, funding, technological transfer and political development. Uranium Enrichment, a byproduct in producing chemical weapons (WMD’s) are becoming even greater in countries like North Korea, Syria and now Russia. With Iran being a major sponsor for terrorism and great influences like Al Qaeda forming groups desiring Uranium for the purposes of chemical warfare has led nations to constant anxiety. Terrorists’ threats pertaining to both national and international security are tremendously serious. By means of rapid growth in technological advancement, weapons of mass destruction are gradually greater than that of the past. The world population is now faced with a serious dilemma. “Terrorism, like viruses, is everywhere. There is a global perfusion of terrorism, which accompanies any system of domination as though it were its shadow, ready to activate itself anywhere, like a double agent” (Baudrillard, 2013).…
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