Terrorism And The United States

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Today when we think of terrorism and terrorist as being something grown out of radical and fundamentalist Islamic Societies in the middle east. However, terrorism does not have to come from abroad. Terrorism can be homegrown in America and for the past 40 years that is what has been happening in cities all across the United States. Gang related terrorism is extremely high in inner cities all across the country and the Crips are the largest gang that operates in America. In 1970’s California the Crips were created as a response to protect their neighborhoods but have grown to much more than that. Today there are over 33,000 members of this terror organization who use murder as one of their top fear tactics. Through their promotion of widespread illicit drug sales and high murder rate they have not only spread terror in domestic issues but have moved onto the international scene by purchase of guns overseas and the selling of narcotics world wide. Through out this paper I will discuss and analyze their creation and how they have grown over the years, involvement in political affairs, their massive drug operation and their growth worldwide. As well as taking a look at how local, state and federal policing agencies have tried to combat this organization as well as discuss some potential ways to eliminate their growth and try to stop their terrorist activities.

Brief Background Profile Originally called the Avenue Crips, the Crips were formed in Los Angeles…
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