Terrorism, Counterterrorism And The Media

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Terrorism, Counterterrorism and the Media Social media outlets have enabled terrorist groups to instantly share their propaganda to the world, recruit followers, and keep fanatics outside the conflict zone updated. Having social media as a tool allows terrorist groups to broadcast their heinous acts without needing mainstream media outlets to broadcast their jihadist acts (Klausen, 2014). Recently, terrorist groups have started to use various websites in order to share their extremist acts. According to Klausen (2014), two of the websites mostly used by terrorist organizations are YouTube and Twitter. They are often used to broadcast killings and spread jihadist propaganda, which can reach any individuals around the world. Also, the Internet helps terrorist organizations gather funding from supporters, coordinate attacks, gather intelligences, and share other jihadist context including manuals on how to manufacture explosive devices (Archetti, 2015).…show more content…
According to Archetti (2015), there is a symbiosis relationship between the media and terrorist. This means that jihadist organizations need the media in order to gather attention and the media needs breaking stories to share with the audience. This mass-mediate phenomenon is what motivates terrorist organizations to keep committing acts of terror because getting recognition is essential for terrorist organizations (Archetti,
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