Terrorism Course Reflection

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This course reminded me of some of my struggles and strengths. It encouraged me to see certain circumstances from a different perspective. Speaking about struggles, poverty and terrorism were a strong point for me. We all have struggle at some point and had to seek help or think outside the box to survive. We live in a society that identifies us by our occupation, and working hard and being productive we hold in high regards. We tend to derive on our work and professional affiliation. However, we still have individuals and families that struggle because the help that is offered is not sufficient. Based on our readings progress has been made on the war on poverty but adjustments need to be made to meet current standards and todays markets. We…show more content…
The day of the incident I was home with my son. That day was chaotic, lots of confusion and fear. It opened our eyes that safety was an issue and a concern. The horrible attacked affected everyone and changed their outlook. The recent capturing of Obama and his death gave closure to many Americans and a sense of victory. However, after our readings and research I realize there is more to come. This fight is ongoing since we don’t see eye to eye. Individuals continue to try to cause harm to each other. Our readings were a reminder that he forces that motivate individuals are different and they not necessarily Muslim or Middle Eastern. These individuals are highly educated but does not make them more proficient in making a bomb. These groups have the resources to offer higher pay that their current labor market does not offer. We cannot change their culture view or perception of values and to see change will take time. However, we can strategize how we can change their labor market to discourage others from joining terrorist groups and share ideas on how to resolve without violence. Examples of what I’ve learned I can share with others within my community, family and place of employment. Working in human services field we see different scenarios and can easily make judgment about others without thinking. Our minds can become corrupt because of those who take advantage of the system and fail to see the
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