Terrorism During The Vietnam War

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Throughout the last couple decades, terrorism has become a prominent issue. With the emergence of major terrorist groups stirring up trouble, such as in the Middle East, many people live in fear of these emerging threats. Throughout Vietnam’s long history, there have been many cases of terrorism. During the Vietnam War, the US and other western nations committed many atrocious acts of terror against the Vietnamese population. In 1968, one of the worst acts of terrorism, the My Lai Massacre, occurred in Vietnam. This atrocious act was committed by the US. According to one American soldier during the Vietnam War, “In the ambushes we killed anything or anybody and a lot of those were VC.” The soldier continued on to say, “We used claymores on any people, on a boat that passed… snipers were the worst killers who were responsible for at least 600 murders per month…” After the Vietnam war, a new terrorist group emerged from the old South Vietnamese group, called the Free Vietnam Revolutionary Group whose primary goal was to target Vietnamese embassies. However, high levels of security allowed Vietnamese ambassadors to survive and prevented casualty occurrences. In 2015, terrorism or terror-related activities were the 6th and 7th top Google searches in Vietnam, indicating the general population’s concern on the effects of terrorism. Vietnam realizes the impact of terrorism and the threat it poses to the world. The U.N. has instated in 14 instruments and 4 amendments about
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