Terrorism Essay

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On the morning of September 11, 2001 people around the world turned on their televisions and became witnesses the most devastating terrorist act ever carried out on U.S. soil. Much time has passed since then and the United States has changed in the succeeding years. Billions more than before, are now going into defense funds. American citizens have lost many conveniences as well as bits and pieces of privacy. Many American's have even added many words to their vocabulary. Words like Al-Queda and Anthrax are thrown around in everyday conversation. To most these things are understandable, they were changes necessary to insure Americans safety. The problem however, is that terrorism doesn't just happen in our country. It happens in every…show more content…
It's amazing how the U.S. calls itself helping people when in actuality they just go and kill people. The last time I checked the law we were past the days of Hammurabi's Code. The U.S. needs not to meddle in the affairs of other nations. At this very moment U.S. troops are out on deployment in hundreds of nations across the globe fighting to bring peace and stop inhumane acts. On the surface level this may seem fine but in reality it's not. In most of these countries our assistance is not wanted. Yet year after year we continue to send men and women in the line of fire. Putting U.S. troops in hostile, anti-American regions in which they become target practice for any half-baked terrorist out there. The Patriot Act also set aside billions upon billions of dollars into the defense budget. This money is all coming from us the taxpayers. It makes no sense to spend all that money on fighting wars that are not our own. There are many horrible things that go on everyday in this world. No one nation is responsible for correcting the wrongs of the planet. By sending in our people to try and fix things we only make problems worse. This country is in debt itself yet; in the midst of all this terrorism talk people seem to have forgotten this fact. There are so many other beneficial things, which that money could be used for. As a nation we are in debt trillions of dollars why not put money towards repaying that? Millions of people here are on welfare. Many are un-employed,
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