Terrorism Is A Huge Problem

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Terrorism is a huge problem affecting the American public in many ways. There have been 76 cases involving radical islamic terror attacks targeting the United States since the attacks of 9/11. (Mueller) The first issue with Terrorism is laws are not strict enough to deter terrorist from attacking. If terrorist believe they can get out of harsh punishments, then our current laws need to change. Killing innocent people is one of the most unethical acts someone can commit. The punishments for doing so do not reflect the extremity of the action. Current lawmakers should consider the extreme harm terrorism is causing in the United States. Another problem within Terrorism is the use of waterboarding and other interrogation techniques are currently outlawed because they are seen as inhumane. This is an issue because terrorist now do not have to talk or explain why or how they did it. Even after committing an act of terror and killing innocents, they don’t have to explain themselves. If the government understands a specific person knows the information to stop another terror attack, they could not do anything about it.The final problem with Terrorism is American lives are lost and billions of dollars in property damage are lost as well. Terrorists are bringing fear into the lives of the American Public. Lives are lost and many are injured after a terror attack. Many Americans are in fear that they will be the next victim. “More broadly, 3,066 Americans have been killed in terrorist
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