Terrorism Is A Problem With Religion

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The essay will seek to address whether terrorism is a problem with religion. In doing so it is important to define what terrorism and religion are. Although there are many ways of defining terrorism due to it’s complexity, it can be understood as a method of repeated violence random or targeted carried out by groups, individuals or state actors with the goals being either for political or criminal reasons (Lutz and Lutz, 2013). The essay will seek to underpin if religion is the underlying cause of terrorism or is it a common misconception between religion and terrorism. Religion is a structured system that brings people together through particular beliefs (Schmid, 2011). Despite the simplicity of the definition, it was preferred to over…show more content…
This leads on to the topic of suspicious communities which was previously based on the IRA particularly in the 20th century. The Irish republican Army was a group set up to oppose British rule and create an independent Ireland through fierce violent tactics. However it will be intriguing to figure whether the same approach by police forces exist or is it just a shift in focusing upon a different community in modern and contemporary society. Undoubtedly religion does a play a fundamental role for terrorist organisations. Nevertheless religion is misused as a tool and as an excuse to create division and backlash which develop around other issues which are predominantly political rather than religious.

Firstly the rise in terrorist organisations suggests that terrorism is linked to religion in some way or another. Although this idea is widely rejected amongst scholars and academics, terrorism has shifted and becoming more centred by religion. One reason may be the social inequality factor. Individuals may feel they do not possess the required status in society which influences their decision in joining dangerous groups. This may triggered by western involvement elsewhere and foreign policy or false religious propaganda. This could be seen through terrorist groups that have manipulated religious understandings in order to target innocent civilians. Groups such as
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