Terrorism Is A Threat Of Violence

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In today’s society, the idea of terrorism is as prominent as ever, with reminders of it existing in our everyday lives. Social media is plastered with “pro-American” and “anti-Islam” propaganda, by people who haven’t the slightest clue what they’re talking about. Children are being taught at an early age about the tragedy of 9/11, as it was a crucial point in United States’ history, and taught to think of terrorists as these cookie-cutter psychopathic murderers. While it is important for people to be aware and cautious about what’s happening, especially since it has affected them as United States citizens, it is also important that they don’t jump to stereotypical conclusions about these “terrorists,” since most preconceived notions about these individuals would now be considered invalid.
The concept of terrorism is defined slightly differently by various government organizations, but the overall idea is that terrorism is violence, or a threat of violence, in order to put political, economic, social, or otherwise desired change into motion. This is done in various ways, and often times the victims of these terroristic attacks are not the intended targets.
There are several types of terrorist groups, each with their own agendas, including nationalist-separatist, ethnocentric, revolutionary, political, social, domestic and international, but despite the differences in goals among them, the overall outcome is the same—panic and destruction. The basis of terrorism is
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