Terrorism Is Global Issue That Have Occurred Around The World? Essay

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Terrorism are global issue that have occurred around the world. It happened between countries and countries or even in the civil wars. Because of venerating the religious beliefs, some terrorists groups used terrorism to defense and propagandize their goal to the world. Until now, Al-Qaeda and their allies are known as one of the strongest and dangerous terrorist groups. They were killing people who showed opposed ideas over their beliefs; furthermore, in their religious ideal, the terrorists groups believed that the more people they killed, the closer they come to God. Because American have freedom lifestyle and this lifestyle are opposed to Al-Qaeda opinions and American go to Middle Eastern to profit fuel and resources, American become the main target of Al-Qaeda. In 9/11 Al-Qaeda attacked US and after their attack, Al-Qaeda become nightmare of every nation in the world. Before 9/11, Al-Qaeda already launched the terror in the United States but American did not recognize the dangerous of terrorism, so they did not improve and tighten the security until the attack on September 11. According to 3 concepts that were stated in the book of Patrick C. Coaty about terrorism: Terrorism and International Environment, Terrorism and The State, and Terrorism and The Individual, people can be aware of how danger terrorism is and therefore set up a good plan to avoid terrorism or at least protect themselves from not becoming victims of the terror. The attack on 9/11 was not the first
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