Terrorism Is Just A Terrible Thing?

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Terrorism is just a terrible thing to hear about when it takes place. The people and the world would be better if we did not have it in our world. We all know that terrorism affects we, the people, greatly when it strikes. On the other hands, how does it affect the ones that try to fight and prohibit terrorism at hand, the police. Terrorism affects the police in hundreds of different ways. Police have to know what to do and how to deal with terrorism, which requires much more all around training. Police get more powers when it comes to terrorism, which means spending more money. This also means the government allocating the police more funding.

Although it has a great impact on the country, it has a greater impact on the standards and duties expected of law enforcement agencies at all three levels (national, state, and local). To help prevent future terrorist attacks, law enforcement is implementing new all around training tactics. Information sharing among all three levels of law enforcement is a key aspect that terrorism has brought about. Terrorism has also brought a change to the policing style. We have witnessed a change from a traditional style to militarized style of policing. Furthermore, after the tragedies of September 11th, the practices of law enforcement have been impacted by the recently enacted legislation and the creation of new federal levels or agencies in efforts to secure our borders and protect the people and our nation from radicalism. These changes

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