Terrorism Is Not Just The Inhumane Actions Against Innocent Civilians

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Terrorism is not just the inhumane actions against innocent civilians; it is a medium many see as the only option. Terrorist organizations utilize these actions to inflict fear and precipitate political action. Recent attacks in Paris and Brussels is igniting mass debates on the ongoing institution of terrorism, and the responsibility of international players in the global composition. Attacks in Paris and Brussels model for the rest of the world in terms of nation response, future threats, and interstate cooperation. In early November 2015, attacks in Paris covering five separate locations killing over 130 people and hundreds more wounded. These attacks were described by “President Francois Hollande as an act of war organized by the Islamic State (IS) militant group” (“Paris Attacks”, 2015). Three bombs were donated by suicide bombers outside of Stade de France stadium were a sporting event was taking place. A fourth member of the group fired over one hundred rounds of a high-powered rifle into a busy nightlife destination. This was followed with similar style terror acts at restaurants and a concert hall throughout the city. These attacks were identified to be carried out by Islamic terrorist organizations. These actions prompted for the deeper examination of countries dealings with extremist organizations. In the case of the Paris attack, the French government chooses to utilize aggressive tactics to achieve their desired results. In the days “immediately after the
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