Terrorism Is The Act Of Using Violence

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TERRORISM- CRITICALLY ANALYSED Terrorism is the act of using violence in order to evoke fear, especially for political purposes. This meaning developed in the nineteenth century to include violence outside the boundaries of state such as the assignation of political leaders by anarchists (Tosini, 2007). Over the year’s sociologist have tried to understand, interpret and analyse this phenomena in many different perspectives and theories. This essay will look at two particular sociological perspectives of terrorism; by Mathew Deflem and Gabe Mythen and Sandra, to critically analyse the content of their articles, their perspective on the understanding of terrorism, and the limitation in respect to their theories. Mathew Deflem uses his theory to explore how Bureaucratization theory can be utilized to create effective policing, subsequently producing successful counter-terrorism strategies. Through the bureaucratisation theory Mathew depicts that public police agencies don’t necessarily reflect the ideology of the government; contrary to the belief that the police are an extension of government power (Deflem, 2004). The bureaucratization theory, created by Weber dictates that the more developed and industrialized a society becomes, it will experience greater bureaucratization. Such a machine like society will most likely maximize efficiency and control, hence rationalizing the modern state (Gajduschek, 2003). Consequently, bureaucratization theory can also be utilized to find
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