Terrorism Essay

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1) It is very difficult to resolve the international problem of terrorism for several major reasons.

Terrorists usually don't claim responsibility for their actions until the fuse is lit, it's not a case of Jack The Ripper sending an ear to the cops and warning them who his next victim will be. Terrorists usually do claim responsibility for their actions after the media is aware that something happened, this gains recognition for their cause, which is often the reason they resort to terrorism in the first place. These groups are often underground and individuals rarely step forward, how can you arrest an entire group that you can't touch?
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Hitler's methods and ideologies have made him one of the most feared and hated men in history. Stalin also used acts of terrorism on his people. His death squads that patrolled the streets at night and annihilated the homeless was supposedly done for a good cause. I think that is very questionable.

Negotiating with terrorists can also be bewildering. Recently Prime
Minister John Major of Britain and Prime Minister John Bruton of Ireland were engaging in peace talks with the Irish political party Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein is the oldest Irish political party and has been striving for the independence of
Ireland for years. They were founded in 1905 and have representatives in every major Irish town, they are considered to be the political wing of the Irish
Republican Army. Sinn Fein claims to have genuinely sought after peace but continuing British bad faith has caused the IRA to act. The British deny these accusations of bad faith and became puzzled when the IRA broke a long standing cease fire with a bombing in the urban center of Manchester.

Negotiations can be impossible in the case of suicide bombers. Many
Japanese Cults can not be traced. Though their agents are always caught, they can never be questioned. Suicide is deemed heroic by the Japanese, the Japanese cult Aum Supreme Truth used sarin nerve gas on a Tokyo subway to cause terror, other previous Japanese cults have committed
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