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Terrorism Imagine a world without terrorism... Imagine how much happier the world would be if it had no terrorism. Just take a moment to think about all of the people that would still be alive, all of the buildings that would still be intact, and all the mental trauma that could have been avoided. It sounds nice doesn’t it? I don’t know if this might have actually happened to you, but for those of you that it hasn’t, imagine if you’re father or mother would have died because of a suicide bombing. Imagine how you would feel… Now image it two time worse and that’s what 309 families in Iraq and Afghanistan feel daily. I’m pretty sure that we have all heard of the attack on 9/11. It was a day that devastated us all. I’m not sure if you…show more content…
Now just think for a second, is there really any logical reason why anybody could give up their lives just to kill others! In my opinion there really isn’t, there is no reason. But there are still people that do it! Why... Why is the question... Why, is the question we have to ask ourselves. There are many reasons about why there is terrorism. One idea is that it is mostly because people of Radical Islam hate any free nation, and they will do whatever they can in order to destroy the economy of that free nation. Another idea is that it’s in their religion or in other words it’s what they believe in. The third reason is that these terrorists are jealous. They see the United States and envy their wealth, their power and their way of life. Because of this they get angry and basically want to destroy that country. But the last and most probable reason is that kids mainly in the Middle East, get a bad education. They get brought up believing that literally blowing yourself up is the right thing to do, and killing others is their way into heaven. They get brainwashed into doing things that any right-minded person would never do, for example, driving a commercial plane full of people into a trade center. Let’s say that the reason why there is terrorism is because kids mainly from the Middle East are getting a bad education. The only solution to this problem would be to basically go to these kids and give them a good education
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