Essay on Terrorism: Safety vs Freedom

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“The danger that darkened the United States of America and the civilized world on September 11, did not pass with the atrocities committed that day”. (Ashcroft, 2003) The terrors of 9/11 caused increased security that comes at a cost that many feel is an invasion of their charter rights. The idea of racial profiling is not new, but many feel worse than ever in today’s anti-Muslim society. This habit of losing civil liberties in the wake of terror is to some an unnecessary change that is unallowable, but leaves many wondering if we should sacrifice our freedom for safety.

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, revealed a deficiency in the procedures of the airline security system. In an effort to address these concerns the “War on
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The hands-on pat downs are even more controversial than the scanners. This act, is consider by many, an invasion of section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states, “Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure”. (Charter, 2011)Everyone has heard horror stories of rude “grabby” TSA agents practically groping passengers. The stories such as Elizabeth Strecker being forced to show her prosthetic breast (Colebourn, 2011) are widely spread throughout the media, and the TSA becomes a monster accused of harassing the public. These aggressive pat downs have sparked a string of media websites asking people to protest the scanners and refuse to participate. One example of the viral effects of media is John Tyner, the man responsible for the “Don’t touch my junk” video, who is probably not the first person that has felt violated during an airport screening search. Tyner, who left the airport after refusing the pat down, was charged and counter-sued for $11,000 for leaving after having started the screening process. TSA states leaving partway through the process would “encourage terrorism by providing a secure exit when detection was threatened, thus undermining the essential purpose of airport screening “. (TSA, 2011) CATSA (Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority) has a slightly different approach and if a person wishes to

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