Terrorism: Safety vs Privicy

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Ever since 9-11, we as a country have been divided on many issues. One of the most discussed considers the question of whether retaining our privacy is more important than ensuring our safety. The two texts I will be using to explore this question are: Mobile Phone Tracking Scrutinized by Nikki Swartz Published in the Information Journal, which bills it’s self as “the leading source of information on topics central to the management of records and information worldwide”(347), in March/April 2006 and Reach Out and Track Someone by the author Terry Allen which appeared in the May 2006 edition of In These Times, a publication “dedicated to informing and analyzing popular movements for social environmental and economic justice”(347). In…show more content…
Allen also asserts the “disturbing” practice of locating one’s children and spouse by way of an internet site titled Wherefi.com that can give the purchaser real-time locations and dates thereof. While Swartz and Allen agree that the use cell phone tracking logs must be monitored and used cautiously, they strongly disagree on the role cell phone companies, law enforcement and government are playing in monitoring the use of the technology. I find Swartz’s view to be based in logic and not emotion. The view that Swartz presents is more balanced. She believes that the government and judicial system are working diligently to ensure that the rights of citizens are protected. In this article Swartz does not seem to recognize the invasion of privacy that this technology poses, she also seems to ignore the way that police and state could abuse the technology. Allen’s approach is much darker. Allen claims that the Bush administrations notoriety for warrant less wiretapping has spread to the Justice Department. Allen cites sources that report the Justice Department “routinely uses a baseless legal argument to get secret authorizations”(349).
In this article, Allen sees conspiracy around every corner and fails to see that this technology could be useful in saving lives and protecting our country from foreign and domestic threats. He is blinded by

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