Terrorism Informative Speech

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Terrorism Have you ever had a fear for your family, your town, your country, or your world. How about the fear to have everything taken from you, destroyed, and not caring if it has hurt you or not? What about your fear and pain is, and can be someone else’s happiness? The fear of you being terrorized? That is terrorism. Someone else bringing fear and terrorizing you. That is a terrorist’s goal. Terrorism is common and is very difficult to stop. The government promises protection for the people, and their home, but they can not give that protection if they can not stop terrorism. Terrorism needs to stop to protect the live of the people, and their country. Terrorism is the use or threat of violence against people, states, or even a…show more content…
Terrorism can affect everyone at any time and place. Even when there is a threat being made in another country, halfway across the world, it affects everyone in some kind of way. It affects everyone because it is a threat to all the people in the world.
For example, terrorists attacks were made in Paris, France in 2015. On Friday November 13, 2015 at 3:20 p.m, guns went off, bombs exploded, and many people killed and wounded. Gunmen and suicide bombers all had hit a concert hall, a major stadium, and restaurants and bars almost all at the same time. It had left 130 people dead, and hundreds wounded, with more than 100 in critical condition. The President of France described this attack as an “act of war” against the Islamic State. Three teams were believed to be behind these attacks. Instantly after the attacks, French police carried out hundreds of raids across the country in search of the suspects. This tragedy hurt, and touched every single heart in the world. The U.S. sent troops over for support, and to help Paris out. Carried throughout all social media, were messages and prayers going towards Paris (Paris Attacks;BBC News, 2015).
The biggest impact that had hit and scarred the U.S. was 9/11. On September 11, 2001, the United States was under attack. 19 militants linked with Islamic groups, hijacked four American airlines and had fulfilled
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