Terrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism

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Terrorism is very scary, especially when it happens close to home and not some faraway place.

Nobody like to be afraid and we were eager to make the fear go away so we demanded more security. In the last decade it been become increasingly normal for civil liberties to be eroded and for government agencies to spy on its citizens, to collect and store their personal information. Regardless whether you’re a fan of right or left wing policies this affects everyone of us, and honestly ask ourselves has any of this actually made us safer?

In the aftermath of 911 the US government concluded that the law had not kept pace with technology, and created the TSP initially to intercept communication linked to Al-kulida, officials were confident that if the program had been in place before 911 the hijackers could of been stopped, these new laws were also used to prove guilt by association.

How commonplace it has since been for government agencies to collect and store the personal information of its citizens was made plain by the leak of the snowden documents in 2013. They showed how the ASIO can demand information about users from firms like google, in addition to their daily collection of data from civilian internet traffic, such as email content and contact lists.

So instead of focusing on criminals governments are increasingly turning their attention to everyone, but searching for a needle in a haystack, adding more hay to the stack in not going to make it any easier to find
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