Terrorism : The Economic Causes Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a dynamic and complex threat faced by our nation. It is hazardous to human life and material prosperity and should be addressed in a sensible manner. There is a need to focus on the persistent and evolving terrorist threats. Since the 9/11 attack, much attention has been drawn to terrorism globally. Terrorism does not only involve execution of an actual attack but it is a board spectrum that entails educating and researching, recruitment and radicalism. Prior to an actual attack, the terrorists train, plan, communicate, coordinate, finance and acquire materials and weapons. The government should do everything in their power to reduce the likelihood of terrorism on American soil. Terrorism involves the use of violence against…show more content…
Government should do everything in their power to see that we all stay clear of what God hates (terrorism).
Aside from that, Government should improve the standard of living of minority groups. There are some minority groups in the United States that feel that the government does not care about their welfare. These groups feel cheated and alienated and they result into terrorism so as to get the attention of the government. It has been identified in the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism journal that underlying conditions which include poverty, corrupt practices, religious conflict and ethnic strife are exploitation avenues for terrorism. These conditions are used by terrorists to justify their actions and expand their support. There is no justifiable cause for terrorism but at the same time, the government should try and show more care and pay more attention to the living condition of the minority group. This would instill a feeling of belonging and reduce their chances of becoming a threat to America. Improving the standard of living will reduce the likelihood of terrorism on American soil.
Furthermore, Foreign immigrants should be scrutinized thoroughly. There should be a thorough check of all immigrants. Their purpose of immigration should be verified and ascertain. Some foreigners who enter the US as immigrants or tourists turn out to be
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