Terrorism : The Threat Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is defined in the word itself; to promote terror or fear. The goal of a terrorist is also to create the most damage, particularly mass casualties. Terrorists have a variety of ways to instill fear, but what Americans fear most is the use of WMDs. Terrorists have used WMDs as a tactics to induce fear for generations and in some cases they followed thru with their threats. After Pearl Harbor, Americans realized they could be attacked at home, but over time the memory of that day faded and was replaced by bravado again. Unfortunately, the idea that the United States could never be touched was decimated as millions watched those towers fall on 9/11. The question is no longer if the United States will be hit, but has become, when will it happen again? The truth is an attack could happen at any time; in fact some attacks have already been prevented. The FBI and local police stop some sort of terrorist threat every week; although it is very rarely made public. The more important question should be what are they going to use against the US next? According to Fermin De La Torre, he believes it will be an active shooter or IED that terrorist will mostly use. I would have to disagree, however based on the escalation level terrorist have already taken. They may use IEDs to distract or disarm, but in order to destroy it will be something far more powerful and horrible. Now, will it be Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear? Those are the four categories that are feared

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