Terrorism : The Threat Of Terrorism

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The civilian casualties pile up in what seems to be an endless war for peace. Mothers mourn the loss of their loved ones while children cry rivers of pain that never seems to stop flowing. Such a purge is occurring in many foreign countries being struck with the deadly plague known as terrorism. One would think it’s blasphemy that the United States does not help other countries to prevent such a polluted river from flowing, but we must take action because we are all humans and we deserve to live peacefully. Ignorance pours into people 's blood by not even noticing how terrorism is beginning to give many presidential candidates a “boost.” While our government believes that it is better to not become more involved with the terrorism occurring in foreign countries due to the chance of getting caught in a ground war and putting at risk many of our soldiers, I argue that the U.S. should become more involved to establish a sense of peace and eliminate the threat of terrorism from the world. Our government is responsible for what we actually do and they need a good moment to think. Have we as a country done enough to help the people of this world who need it? Have we actually done enough if mothers are still mourning and children are wondering if they 're siblings are coming back anytime soon? Picture this in your mind. Is it not heartbreaking? Because in the end we all bleed the same blood and the key to fixing these problems begins within the government who needs to put their…
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