Terrorism and Homeland Security

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Terrorism and Homeland Security Answer to Question 2 Hamas was founded in 1987 and its aim was to address Palestinian quest for nation statehood and their consequent grievances (Herzog, 2006). The writer explains that the name is acronym in Arabic for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya or the Islamic Resistance Movement. The group's ideology, the writer explains was outlined in its covenant of 1998. The covenant stipulates that the land of Palestine is an Islamic endowment. It stipulates that the state of Israel should be removed by the sword. Hezbollah is regarded as an "A" grade team of terrorists with highly trained operatives throughout the globe (Byman, 2003). The author outlines that the organization has the open support of Syria and Iran. They are experts in terrorism as well as guerilla warfare. There is an ever changing understanding and use of the term Jihad that depends on the needs of the Muslims and the circumstances in the historical context (Heck, 2004). There are two categories in which Jihad may be interpreted. The first sense it is political and territorial and in the other interpretation it is religious. The term literally means struggle in the path of God, the writer explains. This has been interpreted to mean the struggle for the privilege of Islam over other religions. The religious text uses the term conflict in its discourses. What is often misunderstood is whether the terms refer to the conflict between good and evil or the conflict with objects
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