Terrorism and Weapons of Terror

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Terrorism and Weapons of Terror: An Examination Contemporary Americans are aware that they live in the age of terrorism, and this is a far different type of social tension that was experienced during Viet Nam or during the Cold War. "The current era is characterized by a very different kind of threat: not a new one by any means, but a threat that has the means to carry out massively destructive acts unbridled by the interests, form and structure of a state. The terrorist threat is a brute use of force, more understandable in a medieval context than in post-modern society. Although it does not compare directly to military might, gathered by the two great ideological movements, its implications are nonetheless potentially momentous" (Cronin, 2011). This quote showcases one of the newer aspects of the threat of terrorism, an aspect which makes it particularly intimidating: there is no formal state attached to the actions of terrorists. This means that the American government can't just go and negotiate or reason with the government of another country to deflect an act of terrorism, as likely that government will renounce such groups and refuse to take responsibility for them. This excerpt also demonstrates another fascinating and disturbing aspect of terrorism: there's a primitive, medieval quality to it. As Cronin succinctly states, it depends on "blunt force" the way a primitive caveman might rely on a club. There's an incredibly disturbing aspect to this, as it indicates

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