Terrorism by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad

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Terrorism by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad Brandin P. Lea SCTY 488 – Terrorism and Homeland Security December 26, 2010 Professor Eric Witcher Abstract It has been the case that over the duration that mankind has graced the planet there has been group’s hell bent on enacting their beliefs and values upon the rest of the world. As time has passed there have been many times that these groups have changed the face of the planet permanently. You can look at any organized religious group and see just how they pushed the belief system onto others to spread their ideology. Now, taking into consideration that fundamentalism and militant groups are nothing new, you can see that it still affects society greatly even today. Let us look at…show more content…
Goals The primary aim of the group is to establish an Islamic state in Egypt with small secular Arab governments. The remarkable feature of Egyptian Islamic Jihad as I have learned is a powerful force challenging the cohesion of states. As a result, Egyptian Islamic Jihad is responsible for a variety of national and international tensions, such as the revival of communal tension in the Middle East. The group of radical Egyptian Islamist thinkers took hold of a serious nationalist conception of jihad and its role in establishing a truly Islamic government (Knapp, 2003). According to its own self proclaimed dogma, Egyptian Islamic Jihad is prepared to oppose their understanding of tradition to that of their community's leaders. Ideology Ideology of the group is vividly expressed in a pamphlet they circulated years ago "The Neglected Duty" which has been lost in time. The pamphlet makes the argument that jihad, as armed action is the heart of Islam, and neglect of this type of action by any Muslim has caused the current depressed condition of Islam in the world, of course without taking into consideration the serious shortcomings of the culture itself. (Knapp, 2003) This violence serves the interests of political and economic profiteers; it creates its own

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