Terrorism in Kenya and in the USA

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Terrorism in Kenya and USA Thesis: The events of September 11th opened the United States up to terrorism in a new way as terrorist eventually discovered that one way of attacking the United State was via American presence abroad. I. The USA friendly countries have been targeted greatly by the recent terrorist trends. A. Kenya is one such prime target for the terrorists 1. The country has maintained peace and democracy despite being surrounded by hostile countries and undemocratic states. 2. Kenya has been friendly to the USA and both have enjoyed mutual support. 3. The country has been a victim of terror quite a number of times. II. Theories, Concepts and Models Connected to Disaster Management A. Chaos theory B. System theory III. Disaster management models A. Qualities of good disaster management models 1. Best disaster management models look at the specific attack and relate it to the past. 2. Levels of preparedness need to be examined within Kenya by both Kenyan government and the USA agencies. 3. The effectiveness of the protection agencies in Kenya need to e examined. 4. There is need to institute post-attack care as well 5. Structural issues need to be put into consideration before another disaster strikes. 6. Civilian education on response to disasters should be increased in Kenya. 7. Constant evaluation of the preparedness should be put in place. B. Challenges to fighting terrorism in Kenya 1. Poorly equipped
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