Terrorism in Kenya and the USA

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Terrorism in Kenya and the USA The events of September 11, 2001, changed the New York City skyline and changed the world with it irrevocably. For example, if one simply examines the ways in which departments of the federal government changed after September 11, the changes are indeed staggering and dramatic: immediately post-9/11 the Department of Homeland Security was created in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, creating essentially the most comprehensive reorganization of government in the last fifty years (McEntire, 2004). The events of September 11th also caused the spotlight to be thrust on people like Emergency manager, putting their jobs under greater scrutiny as well as granting them long overdue recognition from the general public, creating pressure which has led to more funding for the vital profession. The more intensive and advanced technological arena has also offered the field more challenges and more advantages. The events of September 11 opened the United States up to terrorism in a new way as terrorist eventually discovered that one way of attacking the United State was via American presence abroad. Terrorists have selected Kenya as an object of interest as they've readily found that attacking this country was one way to manipulate U.S. involvement and impact U.S. interests. The United States and Kenya have long enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect. Kenya has respected U.S. achievements and policies, and the U.S. has
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