Terrorist Activities of the Al Qaeda

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Terrorist groups Al Qaeda terrorist organization marvels in suicide bombing, car bombing, roadside bombing, hijackings, and paramilitary action against both civilian and military targets. Before they execute attacks on their targets, they first of all engage in extensive planning that takes a couple of months or even years. In July and November, 2005, the Al Qaeda used multiple suicide-bombing in London and Amman respectively. Multiple suicide bombers are normally lumped into a group of two to five people. These individuals normally coordinate their attacks with a view to striking their targets at the same time. The tactic is pursued because it causes significant damage on the targets. It also leads to massive loss of lives than a single bomb would do. Multiple suicide-bombing also creates a greater sense of panic on victims. Media also helps Al Qaeda in advancing its causes especially when the media gives extensive coverage on targets that have been bombed. Their taped messages can be broadcasted to millions of listeners with the help of the media. Most media outlets unwittingly spread Al Qaeda's messages by covering their activities and proclamations. Some media organizations falsely think that by covering Al Qaeda's activities they delegitimize them. Internet is one of the media that Al Qaeda now uses to its own advantage (Anti-Defamation League, 2012). Al Qaeda, until Bin Laden's death, largely benefited from Bin Laden's financial resources to further its causes.

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