Terrorist Attacks On The World Trade Center Towers And Pentagon

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Once there was a 9/11 truther. He believed that the so-called terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon on September 11th, 2001 were secretly ordered and carried out by the United States government as part of a false flag operation to stir up popular outrage against their enemies abroad so that the evil George W Bush could work his will upon the world. Recently, the truther took an Introduction to Physical Science class. The swarmy professor who teaches the course mocked him in the middle of class for mentioning his truther beliefs, and the truther resolved to get back at him by gathering and laying out a detailed case proving that he was right and by extension his intellectual superiority to the professor. The truther decided that his criteria for knowing he had succeeded at proving his hypothesis would be when the overwhelming weight of his proof forced the teacher to publicly concede the point and then break down sobbing in shame as his classmates rise as one to give him a standing ovation. The truther knew there were a lot of other savvy 9/11 people like him who are clued in to the conspiracy. Because of that there is a lot of evidence floating around to build his slam dunk case with. But trying to dump all of it on his professor at once would be difficult, and there was no reason not to focus on the best and most conclusive evidence possible. Therefore, to test and prove his hypothesis the truther decided to focus on showing that not only are there
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