Terrorist Attacks: Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 the United States became very focused on preventing future attacks and preparing first responders for any future attacks. Al Qaeda was not able to use one of the known weapons of mass destruction (WMD) so they created their own with air planes, fuel, and dedicated followers. Technically, they combined hazards by using a flammable chemical to create a bomb. Terrorist groups in today’s world have become creative in their attacks which makes it more difficult to prepare for and respond to attacks. It also increases risk for first responders. When a first responder arrives on the scene of a terrorist attack they may not know if a chemical, biological, or radiological agent was used. If they do not have personal protective equipment to deal with…show more content…
Weapons of mass destruction include chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) materials. Terrorist may decide to use them independently or combine hazards to create a larger attack. While terrorist attacks are usually targeted at humans, CBRN materials can also affect animals and the environment (containment soil and water). A chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear “attack against people could be used to cause illness, death, fear, societal disruption, and economic damage. An attack on agricultural plants and animals would primarily cause economic damage, loss of confidence in the food supply,” and possibly deaths for animals and humans (Forest & Howard, 2013, p. 113). If the soil and water are not properly decontaminated, it can also cause many long term health related issues in humans and
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