Terrorist Bombs In The U.s. Essay

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Although the people of the United States are still concerned with the threat of international terrorists attacking our land and citizens, there has been an alarming increase in domestic terrorism that has raised the nation’s concern about this problem. This increase in terrorist activity has not been imported from other countries but has had it’s start within our nations boundaries. This increased violence seems to be aimed at influencing governmental policy and public opinion. “The recent increase in domestic violence is said to be associated with the rise of anti-government sentiment and the proliferation of self-styled militia and paramilitary groups - some of which take extremist positions on race, religion, federal authority, gun…show more content…
October 11, 1995, The Arizona Desert. Unknown terrorists derail a passenger train
60 miles southwest of Phoenix. One person was killed and 80 injured when the
Amtrak train jumped the track and plunged over a bridge. Saboteurs had removed a section of track and bridged the gap with wire to disable the electronic warning system.
Notes found at the scene referred to the federal siege at Waco and to Ruby Ridge. At least one note was signed “Sons of Gestapo,” a group unknown to terrorism experts.
These terrorist ultimate hatred of the status quo might have pushed them to do this deed. They made sure to leave some kind of item behind in order for the emergency personnel to know what the reason was for this meditated action. It might be possible that this incident is race related also, due to the fact the Gestapo were German military police during the
Frederick J. Hacker (1976), was a physician who developed an expertise in terrorism and hostage negotiations. He found that terrorists seek reinforcement based on their orientation to life. There are three types of terrorists according to
Hacker; criminals, crazies, and crusaders. Crusaders are the type of terrorist that seem most related to the bombings that are occurring in our homefront. According to Hacker’s theory, crusaders make up the bulk of political terrorists. He describes the category as people who are

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