Terry Porter : The Best Player Of Franchise

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G- Terry Porter: 1985-1995 Terry Porter wasn’t the flashiest player nor was he the most dominant player, but what he was, was enough for those great Trail Blazers’ teams of the late 80s and 90s. He wasn’t asked to be the leading scorer, but rather a distributor. His job was to get the ball to his playmaking teammate Clyde Drexler, and he did just that. On top of his prolific passing ability, Porter was also a capable defender. Him and Drexler proved to be among the best defensive backcourt in the NBA, both averaging over 1.5 steals per game during their time together. Porter’s two All-Star appearances came as a member of the Trail Blazers. Porter is the team’s All-Time leader in assists and his 10.1 assists per game during the 1987-1988…show more content…
F- LaMarcus Aldridge: 2006-2015 During his time in Portland, LaMarcus Aldridge was among the more underrated superstars in the NBA. In his nine seasons in Portland, Aldridge established himself as a prolific offensive player. Being both a terrific mid-range shooter and finisher in the post, Aldridge proved deserving of his four All-Star and three All-NBA Team (1x Second Team, 2x Third Team) appearances. The Trail Blazers made the playoffs in five of Aldridge’s nine seasons, which is remarkable given the turmoil the franchise was in prior to drafting Aldridge. He was immediately asked to be the face of the franchise and he delivered beyond expectations, becoming not only the best player on the Trail Blazers, but also one of the best players in the entire NBA. Only Clyde Drexler has scored more points, made more field goals, and played in more games than Aldridge has for the Trail Blazers. F- Rasheed Wallace: 1996-2004 Following the departure of Clyde Drexler, the Trail Blazers were in need of a new face, and Rasheed Wallace filled that void (much to the dismay of Commissioner Stern) (See Jailblazers on Wikipedia). Wallace was the best player on the Blazers for his entire tenure as a member of the team. During his seven full years in Portland, Wallace led the Trailblazers in points scored, rebounds, blocks, and field goal percentage. He made the Western Conference All-Star team twice. Wallace led
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