Tertia Island Summary

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In the statement, the author recommends that the interview-centered method is the best method to explore the child-rearing culture in Tertia island. To support her reasoning, the author cites that, on the one hand, according to Dr. Karp’s observation-centered approach study which happened 20 years ago in Tertia, the children there should be reared by the entire village. But, on the other hand, recently Dr. Field's get different result when his or her team use the interview-centered method in a group island that includes Tertia. Therefore, the author believes that Dr. Karp’s study and the observation-centered method must be wrong and the interview-centered method should be introduced into the future study. However, there are some logical problems in the author’s reasoning.…show more content…
However, the author proposes here an oversimplified causal relationship by carelessly or deliberately ignoring the fact that the interview-centered method is wrong and the observation-centered approach is actually right due to the potential bias. Chances are that the children who take the interview are actually those who reared by their own parents, or those interview questions are designed in a misguiding way that the response of those interviews favored to talk about the relationship between the kids and their family. Should it be the case, then the interview in this study should be no more than a simple conversation, and the author cannot justify her support with such an
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