Tesco Analysis

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Strategic Management of TESCO supermarket: PESTLE analysis, Porter 's 5 Forces analysis, Critical success factors, SWOT Analysis, VALUE CHAIN analysis, TESCO 'S strategic options, Core Competences & Cultural Web.

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Although international business is still growing (Appendix A), and is expected to contribute greater amounts to Tesco 's profits over the next few years, the company is still highly dependent on the UK market. Hence, Tesco would be badly affected by any slowdown in the UK food market and are exposed to market concentration risks.

2.3 Social/Cultural Factors
Current trends indicate that British customers have moved towards ‘one-stop ' and ‘bulk ' shopping, which is due to a variety of social changes. Tesco have, therefore, increased the amount of non-food items available for sale.

Demographic changes such as the aging population, an increase in female workers and a decline in home meal preparation mean that UK retailers are also focusing on added-value products and services. In addition, the focus is now towards; the own-label share of the business mix, the supply chain and other operational improvements, which can drive costs out of the business. National retailers are increasingly reticent to take on new suppliers (Clarke, Bennison and Guy,1994; Datamonitor Report, 2003).

The type of goods and services demanded by consumers is a function of their social conditioning and their consequent attitudes and beliefs. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of health issues, and their attitudes towards food are constantly changing. One

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