Tesco Change Management

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LSC TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT IN INFORMATION AGE CHANGE MANAGEMENT TESCO SELF CHECK OUT MACHINES S. SAEED Table of Contents Executive Summery 1.0 UK RETAIL I DUSTRY 1.1 TESCO 1.1a Tesco’s Competitors 1.1b SELF CHECK OUT MACHINES 2.0 CHA GE MA AGEME T 3.0 Types of Organizational Change 3.1a Incremental change 3.1b Transformational change 3.1c Strategic change 4.0 TRIGGERS OF CHA GE 4.1a Internal triggers 4.1b External triggers 5.0 PLA I G & MA AGI G CHA GE 5.1a Force Field Model 5.1b Continuous Change Process Model 5.1c Emergent Approach 5.1d Kotter’s Model 6.0 RESISTA CE TO CHA GE: 6.1 Causes of Resistance 6.1a Low Tolerance to change 6.1b Employee Resistance to change 6.1c The Shock of the new 7.0 ORGA ISATIO AL A AYSIS 7.1a…show more content…
1.1a Tesco’s Competitors Tesco overtook Sainsbury 's as biggest UK supermarket 14 years ago. Tesco’s main operation is sales of grocery and household appliances. Four major retail supermarket chains in UK have following market share as of August 2008. 2 Supermarket Tesco Asda Sainsbury 's Morrisons Consumer Spend (£000s) 6,351,531 3,410,431 3,175,543 2,233,137 Market Share August 2008 31.6% 17.0% 15.9% 11.1% +/- from July 2008 ▲ 0.3% ▲ 0.1% ▲ 0.1% ▼ 0.2% Source: TNS-Worldpanel 1.1b SELF CHECK OUT MACHI ES The focus of this assignment is to investigate the self checkout machine in Tesco. This introduction of the self checkout was a strategic change. It was first introduced in Dereham, Norfolk in 2003. The purpose of the self checkout was to accelerate the check out processes and reduce labour cost associated with point of sales. This work will further explore the triggers of the change, the process involved and the benefits to the organisation. A diagram of the self check out can be seen in the appendix. 3 2.0 CHA GE MA AGEME T Change management is the study of why organisations need to change, how change affects, how to response to changes in the environment. All stakeholders of change play a full role in the successful implementation of change management. Routines associated with effective change management are: 1. Establish a clear change management strategy at top level and communicate this shared vision to rest of
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