Tesco Critical Lens

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MKTG 441
Erickson Fenton and Crystal Lobdell
Case Analysis 2: From Apples to Zoom Lenses

1. What was the rationale behind the extension of Tesco from a brick-and-mortar food retail business to online food retail (Tesco.com) and to both offline and online non-food retail (Tesco Direct)? How has this extension helped Tesco manage customer relationships more effectively?

The main rationale behind why Tesco decided to extend their services online was to implement a better-quality service by changing the rules of the game through easing the process of grocery shopping and making it more effortless and convenient for its customers. Tesco’s motto is “Good, Better, Best” they strive for perfection and continued improvement. The expansion of non-food items allowed customers to make Tesco’s a one-stop shop for all their wants and needs. Tesco’s were interested in making changes to improve customer satisfaction thus the reason to implement online services. This new rationale has helped Tesco meet their customers’ desires and demands, attract upper market segments, become more cost-efficient, increase home delivery accuracy, and to collect data about their customers’ purchase habits. One of the major advantages of Tesco Direct is customers are able to pick their products online and have them ready for pick up when the customer desires, this has allowed Tesco the opportunity to expand their customer base. Online orders allowed Tesco Direct to manage customer
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