Tesco Culture Essay example

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The analysis on the impacts, values and the significance of organizational culture in Tesco

Culture is one of the terms that have been becoming more familiar in the 21st century among the multinational companies all around the world. The world has been shrunken by the fasting travelling and communicating technologies which has brought down the barriers for the organisations having business in international market. But still then there are few barriers that make the international business critical and hard for everyone to succeed in it. This is due to the factor that the businesses have direct influence over the culture that is followed in the respective country where the business is carried out. So it would be interesting to
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The author highlights the fact that there is no single method that is readily available for a problem under consideration. Hence the thesis also uses the combination of the literature survey, qualitative method and the case study to make it a comprehensive study. The literature survey was used to identify the parameters to address the research questions that are structured at the beginning of the study.
There are several methods of qualitative methods like the survey research, correlation research, research based on the experiments. The survey research is based on the scientific sampling and the questions are designed to capture the population characteristics. The research is about finding the parameters for impact and significance of the culture in the extensive literature survey has been carried out to arrive at the factors, in addition to the annual reports and the archival data. The thesis also adopts qualitative research technique to study about the parameters that were necessary for successful implementation. The research method adopted is the survey. The qualitative methods are widely used in the field of social science because of their ability to produce the same kind of the results. The parameters can be studied by
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