Tesco : Customer Services And Meeting The Needs And Expectation Of The Customers

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In this assignment I am going to produce report which identifying the expectation of client for my chosen organisation which Tesco and I will link the expectation of client to the organisation and the method they use to provide the Services and meeting the needs and expectation of the customers.

How the organisation provides customer services.

Tesco is worldwide organisation which is well known in providing services to their customers, the organisation is been operating since the early 1924 providing services to consumers.
Tesco provide their services to its customers, there are many type of services that Tesco provides to its customers which are fast services it 's called the 24 hours services which is aimed at customers who don 't have enough time to shop around as they work at night and sleep throughout the day so their time is limited so this a huge services that Tesco are providing to its customers. “Three million Britons are working night shifts – and endangering their health”
The Newspaper Independent has published an article which confirming that 3 million employees in the United Kingdom are working night time. The 24/7 hours services that Tesco provides is a great innovation that they introduce which is also beneficial for the customers who are working night as they don 't have time to go for grocery shopping so Tesco has introduced a services which is called the 247 services for its customers this shows how Tesco are thinking ahead from their competitors and

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