Tesco Distribution Network Swot Analyses

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tesco distribution network swot analyses strengths apart from entire tesco plc, tesco's distribution network was an integral part of its success story. tesco successfully apply lean distribution, just in time strategy on its distribution network. 1) data exchange programme ( tesco information exchange) the deliveries occurred in waves depending on the nature of goods delivered. for example, fresh produce was delivered right before the stores opened while dry goods were delivered at less busy times during the course of the day. the distribution system was integrated with a supplier extranet that tesco had built in partnership with ge information services. called the tesco information exchange (tie). intended as a complement to…show more content…
this would also solve the problem of congestion on the shop floor and secure the lifetime loyalty of customers, as customers will be shopping in a less congested environment. 2) click & collect it is also possible to create a new approach towards online shopping such as "click and collect". not every online shopper wants to wait for delivery, so collection points could be created within the stores for customers who come to collect their orders. this would also allow customers to check their orders there and then. all these would substantially reduce delivery cost and increase accuracy. 3) merging or forming strategic alliances merging or forming a strategic alliance with another company is a great way to develop and overcome some of the weaknesses. here it would be most appropriate to give waitrose –ocado partnership as an example where they formed a partnership to mange their online market strategy. 4) sharing know-how tesco can take advantage of its successful international expansion. tesco is in a position to share their know-how and also is able to apply technologies and know-how which will create a competitive edge over its rivals and also step its learning curve. 5) rtid technology tesco gains huge flexibility and performance by using rfid technology. similar and new technologies such as rtid (real time identification) can improve even exist benefits and solve problem out like
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